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Grade reports are not mailed.  Students may access their early warning, midterm and final grades through Campus Cruiser.  Students may also access their unofficial transcript by accessing Campus Cruiser

Only final grades are recorded on the student’s permanent record and included in the grade point average (GPA).  For more information on GPA, please see the Advising Center website at  http://www.middlesexcc.edu/advising/control.cfm/ID/355

Evaluation of student achievement in each course is made in relation to the attainment of the specific objectives of a course. At the beginning of a course, the instructor will distribute a syllabus explaining the objectives and the basis upon which grades are determined.   The Grading Schemes used by MCC, include the following:


Early Warning Grading Scheme                                                                      Mid-Term Grading Scheme

EWA   Attendance Insufficient                                                                           S  Satisfactory

EWU   Unprepared for Class                                                                            D  Below Average Achievement

EWF   Failing Paper, Quiz, Test                                                                        F  Failure to Meet Course Objective

EWP   Participation Insufficient

EWM   Multiple Reasons

For more information on Early Warning & Midterm Grades, please see the Advising Center website at http://www.middlesexcc.edu/selfAdvising/control.cfm/ID/1964

Final Grading Scheme

A         4.0

A-        3.7

B+       3.5

B         3.0

B-        2.7

C+       2.5

C         2.0

D         1.0

E          0.0 Credit by exam

F          0.0 Failure

GU       0.0 Grade unreported

I          0.0 Incomplete.        

Incomplete work to be made up within one week from the end of the semester or by special arrangement of the department.   An “I” grade is temporary and will be changed to an “F” if make-up work is not accomplished in a timely fashion.

IP        0.0 Course in progress- grade has not been assigned

T          Transfer credit from another institution

W        Withdrawal from course

X         Audit

Any grade preceded by a “Q” is for credit equivalent course and does not count in the Cumulative Grade Point Average.