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Student Grievance Procedure

Whenever a student brings a grievance against a faculty member to the attention of a College administrator who supervises that faculty member,this following procedure will be followed:

  1. Should the student grievant so request, the time sequence outlinedbelow will be extended to the end of the semester.
  2. The administrator shall inform the faculty member of the nature of the allegation prior to conducting an investigation.
  3. Upon investigation, if the administrator or his/her designee finds probable cause, but the nature of the grievance is not of serious nature to warrant disciplinary action, the administrator will attempt to resolve the matter informally.
  4. If the administrator or his/her designee finds probable cause and the nature of the grievance is of a serious nature to potentially warrant disciplinary action, the administrator shall advise the faculty member, the Union and the dean of the nature of the complaint and the name of the grievant.
  5. The dean of the Division shall complete the investigation and holda hearing with fifteen (15) school days. Following the hearing, the deanshall, within ten (10) school days, render a final decision.

Students may appeal the decision of the Division Dean to the Vice Presidentof Academic Affairs of the College.

The College encourages students to discuss their concerns with the facultymember involved, with their academic advisor or with a counselor priorto presenting a formal grievance.

Students may obtain the name of their faculty advisor from their department chairperson or their academic division dean. Counselors are available in the departments of Counseling and Placement Service (Edison Hall), EducationalOpportunity Fund Program (South I), Minority Student Affairs (South I),Student Activities (College Center) and Intercollegiate Athletics (PhysicalEducation Center).

Information about the names and office locations of administrators isin the College Catalog (available at the Registrar's Office) and the campus telephone directory (available at the Information Desk in the College Center).