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Tuition Chargeback Information

Tuition Chargeback is a program by which a resident of Middlesex County seeking a program or course not offered as part of the Middlesex County College curricula, may enroll at another New Jersey county college and pay the lower tuition rate. The program or course submitted for Chargeback approval must be substantially different in both content and purpose from the course(s) or program offered at Middlesex County College. Minor variations in content and purpose, or minor differences in course or program titles are not grounds for Chargeback. Chargeback Applications must be filed each semester. Applicants must meet Middlesex County residency requirements (have been domiciled in New Jersey for at least one year and in Middlesex County for at least 30 days prior to the first day of classes). For more information, see the following:

Tuition Chargeback Instructions and Application

If you live in New Jersey but outside of Middlesex County, you may pay the in-county tuition rate if you qualify for Chargeback. You must provide the Middlesex County College Office of Student Account Services with the properly signed Certification of Inability to Admit from you home county college and Certification of Residency forms.

The Certification of Inability to Admit must be completed by the Registrar or Admissions Officer of your county college. The Certification of Residency form must be completed by the county fiscal officer (treasurer) of your home county. These forms are normally good for a one-year period from July1 to June 30 of the following year.

You may pay in-county tuition if you submit these forms with your registration. If you paid out-of-county tuition and subsequently file properly executed chargeback forms, you will receive a refund that will reduce your tuition charge to the in-county rate. The refund will be made when your home county has made payment to the College.

In the event that you are a qualified resident of a county that does not have a county college, the Certification of Inability to Admit is not required.