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Rider University

Guaranteed Transfer Agreement between
Rider University and Middlesex County College

In the interest of providing Middlesex County area residents with improved opportunities to excel in higher education, Rider University and Middlesex County College agree to cooperate as follows:

Rider University will guarantee transfer admission, waiver of application fee, acceptance of all credits which count toward the associate degree and meet Rider University equivalents, and grant full junior status to all graduates of designated Middlesex County College Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree programs who have:

A.  Declared their participation in this program while enrolled at Middlesex County College,

B.  Followed applicable Rider University prescribed course selections while completing Middlesex County College’s program requirements,

C.  Earned a cumulative quality point average of at least 2.50 (unless another level has been specified for the particular program)

D.  Applied for transfer acceptance by the normal Rider University transfer application deadline.

Middlesex County College will provide entering, as well as any interested students with full information on this program. Students who declare their intent to participate will be given professional academic advisement to assist them in course selections which fulfill Rider University’s requirements.

The regular process for transfer admission remains available to Middlesex  County College graduates who do not participate in this program, as well as to program participants who fail to fulfill the requirements outlined above.

Contact the Transfer Center (732-906-2546) for further information and details about the program.