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Rutgers University

The Dual Degree Program was established by Rutgers University in partnership with New Jersey's 19 community colleges. Rutgers has long recognized the value of community college education and the strength of it's graduates. They know that by the time a student graduates from Rutgers, academically, you can not tell a transfer student from a native Rutgers student. They are all - that good!

The student who is invited to participate in the Rutgers Dual Degree Program begins this process, while still a high school student, by applying for normal freshman admission to Rutgers University.  It is Rutgers who invites the student to participate in the Dual Degree Program.  This invitation is not made to everyone but only to those whom Rutgers feels may benefit by it.

This program provides an opportunity for the students to complete their freshman and sophomore college years at their local community college and then transition to Rutgers University, with junior standing. In this way, the student may, for their first 2 years of college, benefit from the small classes and individualized attention and lower costs offered at the community college. So long as they maintained the required 3.0 cumulative GPA and follow the correct, recommended program of study, the student is guaranteed a place at Rutgers University.

Middlesex County College has enjoyed a 40 year history of excellent transfers to Rutgers University.  But a successful transfer depends on much more than grades alone. It depends on careful planning.  Dual Degree students are strongly encouraged  by both Rutgers and MCC to keep in contact with the Transfer Office at MCC and to make wise use of the information provided on the NJ Transfer web site.


Rutgers and MCC also offer:

A.S. to B.S. Biotechnology - seamless, program to program, Articulation Agreement