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The MCC Transfer Guide

The process of transfer really begins long before the "destination" college is chosen. The process might be best described as a series of questions – each one needing to be answered before the student can move to the next question. The final result being both an awareness of what is really wanted and a plan for how to attain it. Does this sound familiar? It should because this same process should be applied to every big decision you ever make, and transferring is a very big decision.

To simply tell a student if a course transfers or not, is a small piece of the transfer puzzle. Students must learn and understand how their courses fit within the structure of a bachelor's degree. Once the student understands the structure of a bachelor's degree: (1) General Education Core, (2) Major Requirements, and (3) Free Electives, and understands how their curriculum at MCC fits into this structure; then that student is well on their way to a successful transfer experience.

Beginning the Transfer Process

Here are some questions frequently asked by MCC students. Each question will link to helpful information, but the actual answer will be uniquely your own. Keep track of your answers because they will lead to your ultimate decision.

Are there PLANS OF STUDY that I can follow to help me to earn my degree and make a good transfer?