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Do I need to take any tests in order to transfer?

While some competitive colleges do ask all applicants (even transfers) to submit SAT or ACT test scores, most colleges and universities do not require these tests once a student is qualified to apply as a transfering student. As discussed in a prior question, the number of completed credits will vary from as few as 12 to as many as 60 credits in order to be eligible for exemption from test score submission. Students who are applying with only a few college credits completed will, more than likely need to submit these test scores and if they have not taken one of these tests, must do so to be considered for admission.

If a student has been required to take remedial coursework at MCC, that student's transcript will reflect those courses completed and the grades earned, but it is still up to the next college to decide if basic skills retesting will be required upon admission. Once the student has finished remediation at MCC and moved on to college credit coursework in those remediated areas, generally, no further tests should be required by the next college and the college credit earned will be viewed as eligible for transfer.