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How does my major fit into other colleges?

It is important to make sure that the college(s) where you plan to transfer offer your intended major. Not all majors are available at all colleges/universities.

The best transfers are achieved when a students follows the MCC transfer designated program which best matches the intended major at the four-year institution.

Generally, if you are planning to transfer to a science major such as Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, or Physics you should follow that same program of study at MCC.  If you hope for a major in Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, or Electrical Engineering then the Engineering Science curriculum at MCC is the program to follow.  If you seek a major in one of the Social Sciences or Humanities such as: English, History, a foreign language, Political Science, Sociology or Psychology for example, you should follow the MCC's Liberal Arts with the appropriate option. Students planning on a Business major will choose between Business Administration - Transfer or Liberal Arts - Business option, depending upon the specific college targeted as the "first choice" for transfer. The same is true for Education Practitioner vs Liberal Arts - Education Option.