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How will I afford this?

Yes, college is expensive. That is why so many students begin their educational career at a community college. With careful planning, students can complete their freshman and sophomore year of college before moving on to the four year institution to begin as a junior with only two years to go. Yet still, those last two years must be paid for and now they are more expensive.

Part of the transfer process should include applying for financial aid. Do not make the mistake of believing that you won't qualify. Four year institutions administer all of their financial awards through the Financial Aid Office; this includes all scholarship money. When a student applies for financial aid, the college determines if there are any sources of money which that individual qualifies. All of these sources are bundled together and then the college offers the student a package. That financial aid package may be part scholarship, part grant, part loan, part work-study, or a little bit of each.  The student applicant may then elect to accept or reject the package – in part or as a whole. Remember, it doesn't hurt to ask.