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I want to transfer but I don't have 30 credits.
What are my chances of getting accepted?

If you plan to transfer to a four year college/university before you have completed the number of credits needed to be considered as a  true transfer applicant you may certainly apply as a freshman applicant. After all, students do apply to colleges and universities straight from high school and they have no college credits at all. Your chances are only as good as they would have been, had you applied directly from high school. You will not yet have earned enough college credits to make an impact on the decision. The more college credits an applicant has on their transcript, the less high school grades matter.

Four year colleges vary in their admission criteria for transfer students. A successful transfer plan involves taking the most appropriate courses toward the intended major and earning a strong GPA. If you have fewer than 30 college credits at the time of application to the four year college, to give yourself a fighting chance, you should make sure that you have satisfied the college's or university's basic admissions requirements as well as any prerequisites that may be required by the intended major.