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NJTransfer.org – A Very Useful Transfer Information Site!

This site was developed to assist students and their families as they make educational plans.  A wise student will also consult the prospective university's web pages for further information concerning both admissions and transfer requirements.


NJ Transfer was developed by the Departmnent of Education to aid students as they plan a transfer to a New Jersey college or university from a New Jersey community college.  It allows a student to search NJ colleges and universities for majors, college specific information, articulated course matches and even suggested patterns of courses to take at the community in anticipation of transfer. Most all of the colleges and universities in New Jersey have signed on including Rutgers, The State University.  Rutgers University and the NJ Community College Partnership was developed to encourage a student to begin his or her college career at a NJ's community college. With careful planning, the student could complete the freshman and sophomore year and then make a successful transition to Rutgers University for the junior and senior year.

NJTransfer will show course articulations, RTP's for specific majors(recommended transfer plans), and there is even a place where a student can plug in their completed courses and grades and see how their "target college" will evaluate them for transfer!