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The Services of The Transfer Center

Transfer counseling and advisement staff and professionals are available to assist students planning  to continue their education at another institution. The MCC transfer staff maintain regular contact with Admissions Officers and Deans of four-year colleges and universities in New Jersey and near-by-states to obtain current transfer information.

The Transfer Center provides help and information to aid students as they plan their MCC programs. We also provides assistance to help students determine the admissions requirements of four-year colleges and universities any where in the country that they may wish to transfer! MCC students have transferred to almost every state in the United States. Each year the Transfer Certer staff prepare a New Jersey Transfer College Data Fact Sheet as another tool to help students gather information about local colleges and universities.

The best transfer strategies depend upon knowing the the college to which you plan to transfer and your major course of study. To ensure maximum transfer credit, begin working with a transfer specialist as soon as you have decided on MCC! Also, a good source of credit transfer information between New Jersey colleges and Universities is NJTransfer.org. Using NJTransfer and working with a transfer specialist will put you on a path to a solid transfer.

MCC has established joint admission plans as well as strong articulation agreements with several of the areas universities. Details for participating in these programs can be found at the Transfer Center.

The actual transfer application process need not be a nerve wracking experience. Here are 10 Steps to Transfer which will keep you on track for success. Also, the Transfer Center and the Counseling & Career Services Department offer programs and work shops throughout the year to help make this whole process a smooth one.

Going to college is an expensive proposition and colleges know that too. For the good student, there are scholarship opportunities out there and the Transfer Center staff will help students to find those opportunities.