Dr. Harrington frequently presents at local and national conferences and has been an invited speaker at many colleges and universities.  Some of the topics she has recently presented on include:

The Science of Motivating Students:  Doing What Works!

Target Audience:  Faculty, student services professionals, administrators

Perhaps one of the most important student success factors is motivation, yet faculty members often struggle with how to best motivate students and ultimately influence student learning.  Theory and research on student motivation will come alive in this interactive workshop. The focus will be on how motivational theory and interesting findings from research studies can be used to positively influence student learning, putting research into immediate practice in your college classroom and institution.  Come and learn what works!

Beyond Bloom: Using Learning Taxonomies to Promote Critical Thinking Skills

Target Audience:  Faculty and administrators

Critical thinking skills are essential in college and beyond yet finding strategic ways to teach these skills can be a challenge.  Come discover ways to use learning taxonomies as a framework to build critical thinking skills.  Armed with these essential skills, students will be ready to effectively process and evaluate information in college and work environments.  Strategies to integrate critical thinking and related skills throughout first year seminar courses will be shared and modeled.

Getting Students to Really Read Textbooks and Peer Reviewed Journals: The Powerful Role of Faculty

Target Audience:  Faculty

A common complaint from college faculty is that “students don’t read the text or other assigned readings”.  As textbooks and other scholarly sources are an essential information source, faculty members need to do what they can to alleviate this problem.   This workshop will review research studies on reading and will focus on the practical application of these findings.  Specifically, strategies to increase student reading behavior and positive approaches to accountability will be discussed.

Powerful Group Activities that Work

Target Audience:  Faculty and Student Services Professionals who work with students in groups

Active learning is a “buzz” word we frequently hear in education but what really works?  This extremely interactive workshop will get you involved and engaged with research on active learning and group strategies. The emphasis will be on putting research into practice and applying findings to your educational setting.   Roll up your sleeves and get ready to mix it up with many group activities you can bring back to your classroom!

Using Peer Reviewed Research to Teach Reading, Information Literacy, and Critical Thinking Skills

Target Audience:  First Year Seminar Faculty specifically; All faculty

Incorporating the use of actual peer reviewed research into the first year seminar course allows faculty to teach both content (research based student success strategies) and process (how to access, read, evaluate, and use scholarly information) simultaneously because it serves as shared content that is directly relevant to the course.  This challenging approach increases college level skills and student confidence.  Strategies to provide extensive support and modeling will also be illustrated and discussed.

Putting Student Success Research into Action in Your Classroom

Target Audience:  Faculty and Student Service Professionals

This interactive, informative workshop will review several research studies on student success.  Specifically, the topics of studying behaviors, test-taking and note-taking skills will be addressed.  This engaging presentation will focus on how faculty members teaching student success courses can easily apply this information to their daily teaching practices and ways to share these key research findings with their students!

Classroom Management: Prevention and Intervention Strategies that Work!

Target Audience:  Faculty and Student Service Professionals

This interactive workshop will focus on ways to foster and maintain a learning focused environment in your classroom.  In addition to addressing strategies that “set the stage” for civility, support and respect among students, interventions aimed at addressing problematic behaviors when they arise will also be discussed.  Come to this workshop and learn strategies to bring the attention back to where it belongs- learning!

Creating a Powerful Syllabus: Doing What Works!

Target Audience:  Faculty

During this engaging presentation, participants will learn what the research says about the purpose and power of the syllabus.  Research based ideas on how to construct an effective syllabus will be shared.  For instance, there will be a discussion about what type of information and what level of detail to include on the syllabus.  Examples of syllabi will be used to illustrate points.  Participants will walk away with practical ideas about how to use this important document to set the stage for a successful start to the semester.

Infusing Study Skills into First Year Courses: Doing What Works!

Target Audience:  Faculty teaching first year students specifically; All faculty

With student success as your mission, it is important to assist students with becoming effective learners so they can master your course content, yet there is always so much to do and so little time!  Come discover student success research and some simple, yet powerful strategies you can use in your class to assist students with achieving high levels of success!