About Me

I’ve been a professor at Middlesex County College since 1993.  During that time, I have taught many classes, including Statistics I and II, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Freshman Math, Technical Math, and Developmental Math.  Before coming to Middlesex, I taught high school for many years and also did adjunct work at both Kean University and Union County College.

In my spare time, I enjoy a variety of activities, including reading, doing counted cross-stitch, showing pure-breed cats, traveling, doing computer work, and lately, going to a gym.

The most exciting thing is what happened to me on January 5, 2004.  For many years, I have had an issue with my weight and had been on numerous diets, losing weight and then re-gaining it and more.  I finally decided that enough was enough and had gastric bypass surgery.   I have lost 165 pounds and am somewhat stable.  In July 2005, I had plastic surgery to remove excess skin and embedded fat on both my upper arms and tummy.    The best thing about the gastric bypass surgery is that I am finally learning how much I should be eating; most diets do not work as they are not a life style change.


My husband and myself on December 20, 2003
Two weeks before surgery
Size 32 or more!


My husband and myself on December 31, 2004
Down about 100 pounds
Size 18


My husband and myself on December 31, 2005
At Goal weight
Size 12