Activity Links

These links are for activities, designed to illustrate concepts of statistics as presented in class. The Cast site is particularly good to study concepts and review material.


CAST When you log-in to this site, your login name is and your password is 6312. This site, developed in Australia, has a variety of activities for statistics. It also presents statistics with a bit of an accent! There are quite a few interactive graphs to check out.
Histograms This activity is to see how the shapes of histograms are affected by changing the class width (called the bin).
Mean and median This activity allows you see the effect of changing data values on the mean and the median.
How fast are you? You will have fun here! But make sure that the mouse is good! You will generate a set of data and see the descriptive statistics. Are the times the same?
Guessing correlations This site allows you to practice guessing the coefficient of correlation for various sets of data. You can see if you can break the record!
Effect on outliers on Regression This site allows you to add a data point and see how that affects the regression line.
Lets Make A Deal This is a probability site. You get to select a door. Hope there isn’t a donkey behind it.
Sampling distributions This is a demo of the Central Limit theorem.
Confidence intervals for the mean The name says it all!
Confidence intervals for proportions The name says it all, too!
Approximating the binomial distribution This shows how the normal curve can be used to approximate the binomial distribution.
Goodness of fit This site show how the Chi square goodness of fit test is demonstrated.
Slope and standard Error This site shows how the slope of the best fit line and the standard error of estimate are affected by different data points.
Contingency table This site demonstrates a 2 by 2 contingency table with the Chi square test.
Virtual lab This site has several activities.