Pre-calculus, as the name implies, is the course that you must take before taking Calculus. At Middlesex County College, you can take Pre-calculus in either a 4 credit version (Math 129) or two 2 credit classes (Math 129A and Math 129B).

These are some resources available on the web, as you study Pre-calculus. Some are very good; others are so-so. You may want to bookmark those that you find useful.


TI This is the web site of Texas Instruments. Besides offering help on the calculator, there are tutorials for both precalculus and calculus.
Calculus tutor4 This site offers a tutorial in calculus, precalculus and graphing calculator usage.
Ask Dr. Math Dr. Math is available to answer questions regarding specific topics.
Sending math symbols This site offers suggestions as to how to send math symbols via email. This is especially important if you try to email me with your questions.