Sources of Data

Here are some links to help you find “real life data”. It would be a good idea to have some sort of idea in mind. The Dr. B site is particularly useful if you are just browsing.

Fed Stats This site is a one-stop shopping site for over 70 federal agencies. Some may be duplicated below.
National Institute of Health If you are looking for health related data, this is the place to start.
Census Bureau This site has US census data taken in the past.
Gallup poll This is from the Gallup folks, who conduct surveys all of the time. Their methods as well as some surveys can be found here.
Statistical Reference Data Sets This site has data sets provided by the government for reference.
Kentucky Derby If you like the races, this is the spot for you!
Baseball Stats This site has data on major league baseball players.
Hockey Stats This site has data from the National Hockey League.
Football This site has data from the National Football League.
Stat Library This site has various data sets to check out.
DR. B’s Data This is a handy place to search on a variety of topics. Note: Dr. B is not Dr. Bakum, President of MCC!
Car data This site has all sorts of information about cars – their weights, braking distance, miles per gallon, etc.