HIS 121 Course Requirements

Each student is expected to read all the assigned textbook material that corresponds to each lecture. Each student is also expected and strongly urged to attend all the lectures as the lectures will both complement and supplement the textbook. It is very important to remember that attendance at lectures will better prepare each student for the examinations as both the assigned reading and lecture material will be included in the examinations.

Students will be given THREE examinations (October 9, November 13, and December 11) during the course. These examinations will be composed of essay questions and historical identifications (students will be asked to identify and explain the historical significance of various names, terms, events. etc.). True/False questions, multiple choice questions, matching, and “fill-in-the-blanks” will NOT be included in these examinations.

Each student will also be responsible for submitting ONE essay assignment (5 pages, due on November 20). Students will choose one historical article from books that are on reserve in the Middlesex County College library. Your essay will examine the thesis of that particular article and then compare/contrast the interpretation of the article with the relevant portion of the textbook. Essays will not be accepted through e-mail attachments.

Class attendance will be taken at every session. Please be prompt for all sessions. Please remember that there is no smoking, eating, or drinking permitted in the classroom in accordance with college regulations. Please shut off all cellular phones while in class. Texting is absolutely prohibited in the classroom. Please note that all sessions will meet for the entire assigned time period.

Any student absent for an examination will be responsible for phoning the instructor on the same day to arrange to take a make-up examination. Any student missing the date and time of the make-up examination will NOT be given a second opportunity. Make-up examinations must be taken before the next scheduled class. All make-up examinations will be entirely essay in format. Only one make-up examination is allowed per student.

Please remember that any essay assignment submitted after November 20will be penalized with the deduction of a full grade. Essays will not be accepted in the form of an email attachment. Late essay assignments will not be accepted if submitted after November 27.
Essay assignment are to be typed (double spaced) when submitted. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE any portion of your essay assignment as such action will result in a failing grade for the essay and other possible severe academic consequiences as discussed on page 14 of the College catalog.

Please remember that class attendance and reading the assigned material are both very important to the completion of the course objectives.

Students found cheating on an exam will be given a failing grade for the exam and may be subject to the Code of Student Conduct as outlined on p. 14 of the College catalog.